CANadda Social Media Policy


This policy explains how members of our association and members who are representing CANadda may use social networking and social media websites.

Social Media And Networking Sites Used By CANadda

Facebook and Twitter are used by CANadda to promote its aims and disseminate information that maybe of interest to our members and non-members.

CANadda’s Facebook and Twitter pages are open and are therefore have no restrictions on who may view them.

Permitted Useage

Information posted onto CANadda’s Facebook and Twitter pages must be:

  1. Strictly in keeping with the aims of CANadda.
  2. Informative, relevant and written using non-abusive, curetous language.
  3. Impartial and must not express personal opinion.

There are no restrictions on who may ‘like’ CANadda’s Facebook page or follow CANadda’s Twitter account.

Members who wish to express their own personal opinions on any subject of interest to them:

  1. Must use their own personal social media accounts.
  2. Must ensure their posts are identified as their personal opinions and not those of CANadda.

Non-Permitted Usage

CANadda’s Facebook page and Twitter account are not to be used for:

  1. Social correspondence.
  2. Promoting other businesses, organisations or charities without prior agreement from the CANadda committee.
  3. Commercial advertising.


Any member posting photographs/images onto any CANadda’s social media and social networking account may only do so if:

  1. They own the photographs/images.
  2. Have explicit written permission from the owner/copyright holder to use photographs/images that they do not own.

Application Of This Policy

Users of CANadda’s Facebook page or Twitter account are accepting the terms of this policy.

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Volunteers are not trained professionals and therefore any opinions, help, or directions to further information and/or third parties are offered without any representation or warranties.

Due to legislation, any guidance or opinions offered by CANadda are for information purposes only. They are offered from people who have a personal perspective about the various conditions and are to be used as a guideline only. They are not intended to constitute legal, medical or other professional advice and should not be relied on or treated as such.