Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD)

Neurodiversity is about how our brains process information and how we think, as we can be wired differently. This includes concentration, language, sound, images, light, texture, colour, touch, smell, taste, perception, sequencing and movement. One major neuro-diverse type is listed below

What is ASD? Every individual that has this condition will be affected differently and it is a lifelong developmental disorder. Fundamentally it means that people will have a weakness in dealing with social situations. People can have problems expressing themselves emotionally. People can have unusual sensitivity to their environment, which can cause them a flight, fight or freeze situation. Because their understanding is different they can see and think differently about the world around them. As their behaviours are different it can cause people all sorts of day to day challenges.

Social CommunicationSocial Communication

Social InteractionSocial Interaction

Social ImaginationSocial Flexibilty

It’s estimated over 500,000 people in the UK have Autism or Asperger Syndrome.

The one thing that could be said about people who have ASD is that they have a unique view of the world around them, which can be a good thing. Many have their own specialist interest which they can have a high level of knowledge about. They can also be creative, have good visual skills, have good technical skills and have a high attention to detail.

No matter how intelligent men and women are they can still feel misunderstood and vulnerable.


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Employment Related information

Message Board regarding medical assessments for Employment Support Allowance. This thread also contains other useful web links.

Further Information

Autism Help:


Coping: A survival Guide for People with Aspergers Syndrome.
Adapted from Segar, M. (1997).
Ravenshead: Noraca Publications.
To download for free go to:

Managing Money

The National Autistic Society has teamed up with the Consumer Financial Education Body (CFEB) as part of the national strategy for financial capability to support people with autism in managing their personal finances.

Managing Money provides a new online resource, developed in consultation with people with autism, which gives impartial information, guidance, interactive quizzes and video content to help people develop their knowledge and confidence in managing money and financial decision-making. It can be used at home or in educational settings.

A free printed workbook called Managing Money: a guide for people on the autism spectrum is also available. It can be ordered or downloaded from

You can visit the Managing Money website at

Self-advocacy Fact Sheet

A very useful self-advocacy fact sheet here:

Inspirational Autism

Hello there, I have toured the UK speaking at conferences and events about my life experiences with Aspergers Syndrome for over four years now and I am thrilled to share with you a clip from one of my speeches on YouTube. The video was listed as one of the best autism YouTube videos of 2011 by in December.

I am letting many organisations know about the video as I feel it highlights a very positive outlook on autism (It’s already been watched in 70 countries). I think its essential that we highlight the positives of ASD worldwide and encourage others to see it in a positive light. Please feel free to use the clip in your training sessions etc. Also feel free to forward the video to your colleagues/parents/mailing lists or post the video on your website/facebook/twitter etc. as the video is designed to inform, entertain and hopefully to inspire the many individuals with ASD and their families/support staff.

Thank you very much
Best wishes
Tony Attwood

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