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Guidelines and tips on how to be Autism Friendly

Autism friendly certificateCANadda can provide help and tips on how to be 'Autism Friendly'.

Please contact us if you would like our help helping you make your environment more autism friendly or you are looking at having autism friendly sessions. We would come to you and meet you, we would look at everything so more autistic individuals are included in your autism friendly sessions or environment. We will look at all the reasonable adjustments that can be put in place without making it complicated as autistic individuals don't want their lives to be complicated.

Debbie Marshall has lived experiences of autism, she also has two children with autism too. She has a diploma in autism plus a teaching qualification. She has been delivering autism talks and training since 2010. Debbie was a finalist at the National Autistic Society (NAS) Professionals Awards in 2016 and 2017.

Please remember that every individual with autism is different and what is autism friendly for one individual may not be for another.

CANadda Autism Friendly Bowling and Eat Sessions

If you would like to come along to an autism friendly bowling session and have a meal out then please take a look at CANadda's Bowling and Eat Session for further details.

Hollywood Bowls have taken over the bowling alley and changes have been made. CANadda will always do the best to keep it Autism Friendly for our members.


Autism Friendly TipsAutism Friendly Tips

Autism Friendly GuidelinesAutism - Enabling Friendly Guidelines

Further Information

More information is available on the National Autistic Society's (NAS) website. You can also apply for a NAS Autism Friendly Award.

Autism Award Finalist 2017Autism Award Finalist 2016
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