2019 Events

The Big Gig in the Arboretum

On 14th July a group from CANadda spent the day at the Big Gig raising funds.

The Big Gig in the Arboretum The Big Gig in the Arboretum The Big Gig in the Arboretum

Wreath Making

On 10th July some of us went to Hartsholme Park to learn how to make wreaths.

Wreath making Wreath making Wreath making

Making Bath Bombs

We had another trip to Hartsholme Park on 17th July to make some lovely Bath Bombs

Making bath bombs making Making bath bombs making


We have organised a number of bowling events through out the year.

Bowling Bowling Bowling Bowling Bowling Bowling

Carers Event

On the 14th November we were out in the community at a Carers Event.

Carers Event Carers Event Carers Event

12 Days of Christmas

On Saturday 16th November, a group of us went to see one of CANadda's members performing in a play 'The 12 Days of Christmas'.

!2 Days of Christmas !2 Days of Christmas

Christmas Market

We hold a number of fund raising events throughout the year and the Christmas Market on 8th December was our longest one.

Christmas Market Christmas Market Christmas Market

Christmas Meal

CANadda's Christmas Meal on the 11th December was a brilliant day. The ususal Cuppa Wednesday preceeded our secret santa, christmas lunch and raffle.

Christmas Meal Christmas Meal Christmas Meal

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