2012 Events

Potterhanworth Christmas Market 24th November 2012

Potterhanworth Cristmas MarketThis was a fantastic day out raising money for CANadda. It is so nice that the public come along and support this group. Debbie was able to raise a fabulous £121.00 which will go a long way in helping to keep CANadda going.

SENity 15th November 2012

Thank you to Linsdsay for inviting Debbie along to a morning group SENity, it was nice to meet new people.

Debbie also had the opportunity to do some ID alert cards and wristbands. These are so important to both the vulnerable child and adult and also to help alert the police that they are dealing with someone with a condition.

LinsayLindsay, Chair of SENity

LouiseLouise who helps Lindsay and is also a very good friend of Debbie.

Lincoln Autism Conference 14th November 2012

CANadda StallDebbie Marshall, attended the annual Autism Conference in Branston. It was a lovely day as normal which was very helpful and useful.

Bowling 13th October 2012

A group of us went for an evening of bowling on Saturday 13th October. It was good to catch up with friends and for people to make new ones too. Congratulations to Adam who was the overall winner.

Lawreance and ClaireThis event has been dedicated to Claire Baldwin who has sadly died since taking part in it. Claire loved taking part in bowling and she regularly attended our social events. She will be dearly missed as she was a joy to have around. RIP Claire, we will be thinking of you always, love Debbie and CANadda.

SueSue is enjoying watching everyone play while she is enjoying having her drink.

 Sarah and MarySarah and Mary have come along to see everyone having fun playing bowling.

Lindsay and JacobLindsay is helping Jacob to throw the ball straight.

AdamAdam is keeping an eye on how well he is playing.

ClaireClaire is deciding which ball she wants.

RogerRoger is watching on awaiting to take his turn.

DebbieDebbie is enjoying being around friends and enjoying the evening.

CraigCraig came along to support his friend Adam.

JacobJacob’s got something to show us.

Adam and WillAdam and Will are selecting their ball.

Bowling 20th August 2012

We had a lovely time bowling, it was a close game as normal, very exciting towards the end. It could of been anyones game and we are looking forward to our next one in October.

Louise, the winnerDebbie Presenting the cup to Louise the WINNER.

Louise, Colin and RyanLousie and Colin with their son Ryan.

Will and SophieWill and Sophie playing pat a cake.

Jacob and SophieJacob and Sophie awaiting their turn.

Jacob and SophieLindsay and Sophie playing potato.

Jacob bowlingJacob getting good at throwing the ball and hitting the pins.

What Works Seminar with Geoff Evans 20th February 2012

The “What Works” seminar was held in on Monday 20th February. The Washingborough Methodist Church Hall was filled to capacity to hear guest speaker Geoff Evans’ presentation and discussion on Autism.

What Works Seminar - Geoff EvansGeoff Evans speaking to his audience of over 50 people.

What Works Seminar - Phil CulmerPhil Culmer, one of CANadda’s IT administrator volunteers, helping out on the day.

Autism Award Finalist 2017Autism Award Finalist 2016
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