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We regularly hold bowl & eat sessions throughout the year and we make them autism friendly as best as we can, to help make sure more individuals can access the event. Individuals can book their place with us via an email, messenger, phone call, texting or face to face. Children, young adults and adults are all welcome and we don’t mind if they want to bring  any favourite toy or a personal computer game console with them as long as the console is switched off at all times.

We can offer a meet and greet option; if you let us know prior to the day we will arrange to meet you outside in the car park area. The staff inside do know who we are and will direct you to us if you did come in and ask them. There will be the same person from CANadda who is be there from the start of the evening until the end of the night. No one is left there on their own at the end of the evening.

You are welcome to have a break if it does get too much. You can get away by going outside. If the party room is free we are allowed in there when we eat. This helps make it a better environment for us to eat and the music gets turned off.

Please note that it does work out cheaper if you do bowl and eat but you can choose to bowl and not eat or eat and not bowl.

CANadda is a support group that helps individual socialise and make, build and find friendships. We also help individuals build up their confidence; self-worth and self-esteem so they feel wanted and accepted.

Lincoln Bowling

Lincoln Bowling is where we bowl and eat.
The Lincoln Bowl

Lincoln Bowling Entrance and Exit
Meet and greet option available and somewhere to go if you need a break.
The Lincoln Bowl Entrance and exit.

Restaurant and Bar Area
We meet inside between reception and the bar.
Restaurant and Bar Area

This is where we get and return our bowling shoes.

This is where you can purchase your drinks.
bar bar

Bowling Lanes
This is where we play bowling together.
Bowling Lanes

Restaurant Area

This is where we eat if there are no private rooms available.
Restaurant Area

Arcade Entrance
Arcade Entrance

Inside the arcade
Arcade Arcade

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For more information about where we bowl and eat visit the Lincoln Bowl website.


Information on out bowlingEasy read information about our bowling and eat sessions.

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