2013 Events

Branston and Heighington Christmas markets 30 November/1 December 2013

Christmas MarketChristmas MarketChristmas MarketChristmas Market

End Of Year Get-Together 18 November 2013

End of year get togetherEnd of year get together

Bowling 26th October 2013


Geoff Evans Talk 19th July 2013

Geoff Evans TalkGeoff Evans Talk

Summer Bazaar 9th June 2013

Summer BazaarSummer BazaarSummer BazaarSummer BazaarSummer BazaarSummer BazaarSummer Bazaar

Bowling Saturday 1st June 2013


Bowling Saturday 23rd Febuary 2013

Will and Jacob posing for the cameraWill and Jacob posing for the camera.

Jacob is selecting a ballJacob is selecting a ball.

Sian having a great timeSian having a great time.

Claire and Sue watching some of the others playingClaire and Sue watching some of the others playing.

Jacob is selecting the green ball againJacob is selecting the green ball again.

JadeJade has just finished taking her turn and it is Sian next.

Claire, Lindsay, Lawrance, Neil and SianClaire, Lindsay, Lawrance, Neil and Sian.

Sian and JadeSian and Jade getting to know each other.

Isiel and AmberIsiel and Amber having a great time watching everyone else play.

Sue, Sian and ClaireSue, Sian and Claire enjoying their food and drinks.

Neil, Claire and LawrenceNeil, Claire and Lawrence had no idea their picture was being taken.

Amber and IsielA fantastic picture of Amber eating with Isiel.

Claire and JadeLoving the picture girls (Claire and Jade).

Debbie with Neil, the winner.Debbie is presenting Neil with the cup, Neil was the winner.

Autism Award Finalist 2017Autism Award Finalist 2016
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