2011 Events

Coffee Morning with Stephen Phillips MP 20th May 2011

On Friday the 20th of May at 11.05am Stephen Phillips MP turned up at the Washingborough Methodist Church. Debbie Marshall Chair of CANadda invited Stephen Phillips MP along to the church to give concerned members the opportunity to ask questions to Stephen Phillips about the benefit reform.

Coffe morning with Stephen Phillips MPCoffee with Stephen Phillips MP

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The Lincoln 10K Run 3rd April 2011

After the run, Debbie said:

I don’t know why, but the 10K was harder this year. I was a stone heavier this year and it was so hot. Some of the runners were wearing costums, I don’t know how they were able to run in them. I did run the whole 10K and I hope that I have raised around £200 which will be spilt between CANAdda and the Washingborough Methodist Church.

Even though the sun was out and it was very hot, after I had finished the 10K it turned very cold.

Debbie after running the Lincoln 10K
Debbie after running the lincoln 10KDebbie Marshall’s daughter was proud of her mummy.

Table Top Sale 26th March 2011

CANadda raised money for themselves and Strut in the community. This is a fundraising event as CANadda is always looking at ways to raise money.

Debbie setting upDebbie has just finished setting up.

Jenny and GlendaJenny and Glenda have given up their morning to help out.

NicolaNicola is also a helper giving up her morning to help. Nicola and Jenny are looking at CANadda’s information and talking about CANadda.

The Lincolnshire Autism Conference 24th March 2011

This Conference was at the Embassy in Skegness. It was a fantastic day out, CANadda had a table where Debbie met and spoke to lots of people. Debbie had a lot of interest from people, which was good. The Conference was about Sex and Relationships, and Debbie hadn’t laughed so much for a very long time. You may be wondering why Debbie was laughing at something so serious. It was because we had to answer questions and take part and be involved.

DebbieDebbie Marshall did a good job with the display.

Bowling 16th March 2011

Another great day out, it was a very excuiting game and very close at the end even other people we didn’t know watched on. We had the barriers down and we all did really well. We stayed on after the game finished for lunch which was nice just to have a catch up.

Geoff, Sarah and RachelGeoff, Sarah and Rachel are all awaiting their turn.

GeoffGeoff was pleased with himself, he did brilliantly, you would never know it was the second time that he had ever played.

DebbieDebbie was having a good time.

ClaireThe winner by one point was Claire, well done. Claire beat Debbie by one point, Debbie came back at the last minute, seeing as she was behind everyone else most of the time.

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