Neurodiversity ID Alert Card / Wristband

Autism Disorder Alert SchemeOur credit card sized alert card can be carried at all times and can be displayed if you find yourself in a situation where you cannot easily give an explanation about your condition. Otherwise you may prefer to wear a wrist band instead.

This card will also assist the police and emergency services to identify that they are dealing with someone who has a neurodiverse condition e.g. ASD, Dyslexia, Dyspraxia and ADD/ADHD.

We are delighted that we can offer this card/wristband FREE of charge to our members and help raise awareness of neurodiversity amongst the public and emergency services.

If you would like to apply alert card and wristband, please complete the application form. Proof of your condition will be required - see the application information for more details.

Lincs Police FundedBig Lottery FundedThe neurodiversity alert card scheme is supported by the Big Lottery Fund and the Lincolnshire Police Property Act Fund.


Alert Card InformationAlert Card Information.

Alert Card PosterAlert Card / Wristband Poster and Application Information.

Alert Card Application FormAlert Card Application Form.

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